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BEHOLD I AM HERE… though I don’t have many gifs related to the show sadly.






Here’s an experiment
If you’ve ever seen or heard about this saying, then please like or reblog this post.


Here’s an experiment

If you’ve ever seen or heard about this saying, then please like or reblog this post.

*pets ‘er shiny Gengar*  bby girl~

Didn’t even know this mon was out till I went into EB games and asked about it.
Turns out they had just got it in today.
I was the first person in Hawkes bay to get it. I will take that as a life accomplishment, the ‘Get something before anyone else did’ goal.

Did get some slight sad news though. If this event doesn’t do oh so well here, then there is a possibility that they won’t bring in any other event pokemon.

Which means no Diancie. All I can say is… well damn.

However, yesterday they had around 30 or so people asking about the shiny Gengar so there’s still hope! 


But I mean for real when you’ve never seen a photo of a kiwi in relation to another animal they look super itty bitty.








i fancy a banana

Every artist
Artist: I wanna draw.
Artist: But I don't want to draw.


Because some days I’m just a sad, shy, lethargic sloth with no backbone, but also I want to talk to someone?

RT’s week long gaming. HUNT FOR TROPHIES (and fun!)

After I obtained all the trophies for Minecraft (PS3) I decided to do the same with (almost) every other game I have. Starting with one of my all time favourite games, Journey.

It’s been exactly two years since I last played this game. Got it about a day or two after it’s release. (So glad people still play this game!)

Just obtained the last trophy a few minutes ago. Thanks to the person who helped me get it! Sadly I lost them when my internet cut out, BUT once I got it back online I bumped into someone else! Who drew me the cutest little love heart in the snow once we made it to the summit! (My love heart was not so good, this person has obviously practiced!) So thankies to that person as well for being ADORABLE. 

Anyways~ So, I started out offline to get the trophies which involved going through gates and collecting and singing to things and what not. Then all I needed to do was play online for the rest! So I put on my brand new white cloak and set off!

I thought the meditation trophy would take me the longest. (As it requires for you to sit with another player for round 20 or so seconds.) I got lucky. Someone who I was traveling with decided to quit the game. So they sat down and I sat with ‘em and got the award! But like I said, they left so I was very sad afterwards. 
However, not long after that ANOTHER traveler appeared! The person had ether started their Journey off on a random level, or the Guardian/war machine things ripped their scarf to SHREDS! Because seriously, their scarf was very very short. (And judging by the robe they were wearing it looked like it was their second time round.)

So, we made it to the end together though. Which was awesome! We did both however get our scarfs ripped. The guardian/war machine in the snow level wasted us.
What happened was we went to hide under the shelters but sadly my friend was a tad slow and got caught in the light. I got out of there and they got their scarf torn. I felt kinda guilty after that, went to see if they were alright and yup, they got back up.
THEN THEY SET IF OFF AGAIN!! (Or I was one of us.)
This time I went into the light and thankfully it decided to go after me instead of my friend. So I got my scarf torn but I didn’t mind. (I had managed to get all the symbols so my scarf was long.) Then my friend decided to see if I was a-ok. Which I was all like AWWWWW THANKS BRO NOW LETS GO FINISH THIS and we did.

On my next round there was this dude who stayed with me from start to finish. Judging by their robe it was their third time round, but they knew their way. 
They helped me obtain the trophy I thought I’d get last. (After I obtained the meditation one anyways~) Since my internet hates me and turns off often. But nope! Decided to stay on for me and I was just like YOU BEAUTY! And boop! Got it.

This game is so much fun to play online. Whether it’s to get trophies or just for kicks! It’s great! It’s even better when you get a brand new person.
Then you can show them everything and you feel like you’re helping them out so much and it just makes ya so so happy!
Not only that but the music and graphics and AH! It’s seriously gorgeous! 
And the story line is so sad but cool! 

If you have a PS3 or PS4 I suggest you get this game. (Specially for those artistic people out there.) It’s a brilliant, fantastic and beautiful! Short but good! (And it never gets old I’ve noticed.)
It feels like whenever you play a new game it’s like playing it your first time round every time! (well, that’s what it feels like to me.)

Next game will be Assassins Creed II. 81% of the way and I can already tell that the FEATHER INVOLVING TROPHY WILL TAKE ME THE LONGEST GOSH DARN FEATHERS!

 (sorry for the long text…meh.) Till next time!